Executive Coaching and Senior Business Mentor, Across The City of London, the UK and Online

Executive Coaching and Senior Business Mentor, Across The City of London, the UK and Online

Welcome to Kim-Adele. I am an industry renowned and experienced leadership executive coach with vast experience in working with businesses in and around The City of London and across the UK. I started my career completing an NVQ in Hair Styling to then working my way to the chief executive. I have amassed the first-hand experience of the tribulation’s leaders face at the top and understood through leadership coaching how to overcome doubt and optimise situations and businesses for success. I can work with you and your business and coach you to new heights of success.

As they say, the top is lonely but never quiet. Through leadership coaching, I partner with businesses and senior executives to create the life they want to lead. As your business coach, I help to optimise what you and your business are doing right and help get rid of what’s in the way. How can executive coaching help you? I help encourage you by coaching from behind as you lead through change. We all face challenging times, whatever the scenario may be. Through executive coaching, whether you’re in London or across the UK, I will help you and your business thrive through change and overcome what’s holding you back.

Private 1-1 Legacy Leadership Coaching Partnership Programs

Customised for CEO/C-Suite/Board level Executives

Focused on Psychology, Humanity & Mindset Mastery

6-12 Month Durations

Customised Leadership Development/Cultural-Organisational Change

Consultancy and Interim Management Consultancy

6-12 Month Durations

Inspirational Keynote delivery on topics of Leadership, Legacy and Mindset Mastery

International Best Selling Author on Leadership

C-Suite Level Executive 2-day Leadership Retreats that are recognised as a uniquely powerful process that produces extraordinary results 


Bespoke Workshops on Leadership & Cultural Change

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Expert Coaching and Mentoring From an Experienced C-Suite Level Executive 

As an experienced business coach out of London, I work with senior board room executives, entrepreneurs and professionals in an array of industries and sectors. With the desire to transform their futures, have more control of their lives and up-level their businesses for enhanced success, leadership coaching is a tool suitable for those who want to heighten their personal and business success. Executive coaching will unlock yours and your organisations potential. Together we can reach new heights as I coach from behind as you lead from the front and give you the tools to guide you to heightened success.

Coaching and mentoring senior executives have been a passion of mine for several years. I have harnessed these skills as an executive coach and provide a unique perspective in comparisons to other business coaches. I have been in your shoes. I understand the pressure from the top, moreover, I understand how to overcome this to encourage success. Through leadership coaching, you will understand how to retain top talent, improve organisation success, leadership qualities and more. I welcome you to call today for a free, no obligation chat to gain further understanding on how I, as a business coach, can support you and your organisation through executive coaching. I work to empower board and C-suite level leaders to connect to your purpose, integrate with your values and evolve to your potential. To leave a legacy that matters.