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Clear Goals | Strong Values | Empowered mindsets

As a business leader you create the culture of your business. Build inspirational memories that motivate, stimulate and influence your team. Have confidence in your own brand. So why do you need me?

My role is to unlock your talent, build on your strengths and identify the development you actually need. I work with you towards a clear end goal that fits your personal values and influences your business culture.

Coaching is uniquely personal – I tailor every approach to suit your psychological profile for a harmonious atmosphere of trust, empowering you to expand your thinking and perspective.

Coaching and Mentoring for talented individuals
in key positions in their professional lives

You have to take your whole self to work, be you, be human; only when you do that can you start to lead people, create memories and leave a legacy.
Executive Coaching and Leadership Development
Investing in yourself
Understanding yourself to grow and develop your work environment
Build your story as a leader, develop your value system
Developing emotional intelligence and insight
Create a powerful business culture
Kim Adele Ltd coaching supports you to
Create your Personal Brand

Develop your story and discover what makes you a compelling leader. Understand the mindset and strengths that let you shape and challenge your business with effective, inspirational leadership. Build a strong C-suite portfolio.
Transformational leadership coaching – challenging you to become the best version of yourself.
Professional development

Supporting you in the transition to board level. Develop your decision making at board level. Identifying the talent and leadership capability that makes you a strategic leader of the future.


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tool profiles personality types to indicate psychological preferences in how we perceive the world around us and make decisions.

With insight into our own motivations, and the motivation of those around us, we have a robust foundation for personal growth and development, and enhanced interaction with those around us.

An accredited Myers-Briggs Practitioner, I’ll support you in applying your profile to your development, forming cohesive and strong relationships within your business.

I worked with Kim on a senior leaders’ development programme for an elite financial news publishing company. From the outset, Kim’s ability to deal with ambiguity, uncertainty and pressure were of the highest order. The event itself was hosted at the prestigious Global HQ, where Kim spoke eloquently, passionately and compellingly on a number of subjects. The reaction and feedback from all senior leaders was exceptionally positive. It was invaluable having Kim as part of the team and I recommend her highly.” Nigel Jackson – Leading Coach

Why Kim Adele Ltd?

As an experienced Interim Manager and NED, I specialise in supporting transformation and culture.
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Lowering cost of service
Making key decisions and designing success strategies
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Positive Results
Increasing colleague and customer satisfaction
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Communicating powerfully and succinctly

Kim Adele Ltd business training and development helps you to:

Develop your leadership team
Understand your goals, and how to achieve them
Adapt training into your work life, and embed the knowledge through action.

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Develop your talent | Increased performance | Build behaviours
Business wide training and development, transforming sales performance and customer experience.

Your people are the power behind your business success, and working with them as individuals is vital to build a base for learning. I deliver people-centric training, tailored to your business needs.

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Business wide training and development, transforming sales performance and customer experience.
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