Bespoke Workshops In Leadership Coaching

At Kim-Adele we do have a suite of pre-designed training workshops, although we understand many organisations are facing a unique set of challenges and for those occasions we offer tailor made solutions for your needs. Bespoke workshops are designed to meet your organization’s specific needs and allow you to develop towards desired outcomes. We work with you to ensure that this is the right training at the right time for your team  


We work with executive teams, department heads, managers, supervisors, and their workgroups to assess your group’s specific needs. Together, we design a tailored curriculum with clear objectives, measurable KPIs, and interactive tools to engage your team.  
Bespoke Workshops and Group Facilitation
We offer a wide range of research-based workshops for organizations on topics relevant to your business and industry. We take responsibility for the process and accompany you from planning and conception through implementation to documenting and securing results and, if necessary, follow up on agreed measures.  
A few examples are given below, and we can tailor the sessions according to the uniqueness of your organization.  
Leadership development
The strength of your leadership is the backbone of your business, working with your leaders to enable them to learn, grow and evolve to not only be the leader of today, but the leader of tomorrow is critical for your ongoing success.  
Team Building
Newly formed teams particularly at Board level need to accelerate from forming to storming, whilst continuing to steer the business. We can support you to achieve this and build a truly effective board.    
communication with impact
Communication is a key skill, we all know those people who are too aggressive or not assertive enough – neither works. We run workshops to empower your people to have conversations with impact, to get the results whilst maintaining and improving the relationships.    
diversity in the workplace
To deliver a truly diverse and inclusive culture, we have to identify and eliminate not only our conscious bias, but more critically our un-conscious bias. Identifying these unconscious bias enables you to remove them and deliver a diverse and inclusive culture.    
develop your talent
Your people are the power behind your organisational success. Working with them is vital to building a powerful base for learning.  
create cohesive teams
Identify personality types and turn isolated characters into a cohesive team for more effective performance, productivity and results.  
After a certain period has elapsed, which you have given the team to implement agreed measures, it often makes sense to conduct follow-up workshops to look back on achievement jointly, and to maintain the initiative’s momentum.
training module creation
We can also develop training modules that can be taken in stages to accommodate staff and/or client schedules. For example, classes may be taken over several weeks, months, or weekends.  
Often an unbiased third party can provide new insights into your team planning. We plan, lead, and manage your team event to ensure that the group’s objectives are met effectively with respectful and constructive dialogues, good participation, and full buy-in from everyone who is involved.
We work with you to understand the group’s desired outcome and the background and context of the meeting to develop mutually agreed-upon objectives and action plans for the participants. Together, we design and plan a robust agenda, which focuses on outcomes and provides a good flow and structure for the event.
Excellent facilitation can make the difference between meeting success or failure.