Bespoke 2 Day Women’s Leadership Coaching Retreat

2 Day women’s leadership retreat

Great leaders recognise the need to work on the inside as well as the outside, our bespoke 2 day leadership retreat is designed to do just that. Tailor made for female executives and entrepreneurs this retreat is designed to take you away from the everyday and allow you to focus, to connect with your purpose and to take back the pen as the author of your life.

Our women’s retreat is characterised by empathy, empowerment and evolution. As our 2 day programme unfolds, you will:

Connect with your purpose – what your DNA is calling you to beIntegrate with your values – what is important to you, and whyEvolve to your potential – move beyond any self-limiting beliefs, overcome your inner destructive dialogue, and accessing the skills and tools to live a life you love.  Leave a Legacy that Matters – step into your power and become the leader of your life.

Leadership is about being our authentic self, bringing our whole self, leading from the front and being courageous enough to turn our vulnerability into our superpower. During your time with us we will guide you through the process to reconnect to the real you and have the confidence to step into your power and shine your light on the world.

Next Retreat is planned for March 2021 – full details will be published online in November 2020…