what does a 121 private legacy leadership coaching partnership over 6/12 months cover?
I partner with C-suite clientele for a period of 6 to 12 months, working through the ‘Convergence Sweet Spot Genius Model process’ to help them turn up the volume on areas of strength and shine the light on any blind spots delivering exponential results. This coaching is conducted in complete confidence and with a common purpose, to empower you to be the best version of yourself. People ask why have a coach? Is the coach better than them? To best answer this I look to the world of sports, politics, acting and or major business, those at the top of their game have a coach. They do this not because the coach is better than them, but because they realise that we all have blind spots that stop us achieving our greatest potential. Your coach is the person who watches your performance and can point out that when you run, you run slightly to the left, and if you rectified that you could shave 3 secs off  your personal best. Exponential results are usually found from making a small shift in your current performance that which  Tony Robbins calls this the 2mm shift – it might be small but the impacts are extraordinary.  
What is legacy leadership
We are all leaving a legacy, whether we own it or not, in ever interaction, every meeting, every email, we leave people with an impression of us and who we are. Legacy Leadership is about understanding the Legacy you are wishing to leave, and ensuring you are exemplifying the fulfilment of this legacy in every aspect of your life personally and professionally.

How does it work?

Working together through my 16 step programme, we will Connect you to your Purpose, Integrate it with your Values and Evolve you to your full potential. The sixteen integrated steps ensure that you have a solid foundation and a platform for growth, which ensures you achieve exponential results for you and your organisation

Word descriptors that executive clients use to describe their coaching excperience with Kim-Adele

Inspiring, Game Changing, Insightful, Powerful, Impactful

Outcomes and Benefits

Clarity of your personal leadership brand and how to leverage this for greater impact. Proven ROI and business growth Personal growth and confidence to step into your true power. 

Individual Benefits

Owning your personal leadership style, brand and values. Greater confidence in your ability to set and achieve more significant goals. Not feeling alone as you navigate your journey.

Organisational Benefits

Cultural alignment resulting in reduced attrition, absence and increased attraction of talent. Increased business and productivity resulting in positive and sustainable ROI.  

Ideal Clientele

C-Suite Executives either facing transformational change for their organisation, or facing a loss of talent.

Some Clients I have worked with

The nature of what I do is strictly confidential, it has to be for it to work, as there must be mutual trust. I have worked with C-suite Executives in Financial Services and Recruitment and IT