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Face Whisperer Practitioner- Facial Decoding Education (FDE) – Level Up Your Communication In Business

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Facial Decoding Educational training (FDE) – a framework that enables those who learn it, to become an expert in reading people and communication skills.

The fact is, many organisations globally and nationally, from major corporations to SME’s are crying out for help to be more effective in understanding their own people, prospects and clients and the People MapperTM System enables this to happen.

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The framework gives you the science, the structure, the foundation and steps to properly read other people at levels most people aren’t even aware of.

This is a revolution in human understanding. We are changing the way people work, live and play with Facial Decoder training (FDE).

Trained by Adrianne Carter – The Face Whisperer – The UK expert on faces, emotions and body language, I am now an accredited practitioner to use and teach these skills.

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The Benefits

• Allows you to deeply understand people so that you can lead, support & empower them more effectively

• Become an expert negotiator – Convey your message with impact to make lasting impressions

• Empowering you to become an expert in reading people and communication

• Gain an advantage by asking better questions & making smarter decisions

• Accurately assess emotions, moods & desires to enable you to respond appropriately

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The Approach….

Most conflict boils down to misunderstanding, miscommunication or misinformation through the science of reading peoples micro expressions you can overcome these challenges and become a world-class communicator empowering you to lead with impact every time.

This isn’t just about improving your engagement, by becoming a world-class communicator you will see the impact not only in the engagement scores of your people and your clients you will see them on your bottom line.

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  • The science of facial expressions
  • The psychology of emotions and behaviour
  • Universal emotion recognition skills
  • What emotions mean and how best to respond
  • Facial Action Coding System understanding and practice
  • Body language recognition and meaning for business
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The Approach ….

The science of reading people’s facial expressions is fascinating and The People Mapper
TM System can help you become an expert in human communication and decoding skills so that your organisation becomes more effective at understanding their own people, prospects and clients.

With a holistic approach to how you read others, it will be easier than ever before for you to gain valuable insights about what colleagues, customers and stakeholders are thinking – both online and offline.

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Recognising that each organisation is unique, the programs are tailored to reinforce your desired
culture, support your organisational structure, and empower
your strategy. We have an extensive suite of offerings that we use to build your custom program, utilising the elements that provide the greatest value.

If you want to learn more about FDE & how it will be the game changer in your communication book in for a complimentary consultation today!

If you want to learn more about the origins of Face Whispering you can find details about Dr Paul Ekman and Adrianne Carter