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Speaking at WINGLOBAL20 

Life is not short of the odd plot twist which can leave us all feeling a little overwhelmed, add to that the inner imposter who is our constant companion and it isn’t surprising our confidence gets knocked. Having navigated a number of life’s plot twists I understand how it feels and I have learnt some tips to help you quieten the inner beast, overcome the overwhelm and get out of your own way .

Interview with Yachting International radio

Flagship Digital Insights welcomes Kim-Adele Platts a leadership coach, international speaker and author of a number one selling book #remoteworking. On this episode we’re exploring the challenges of remote working for leaders as human beings as well as how to grow a business by making the most of ‘virtual opportunities.’

Interview with She. Inspired 
Kim Adele

If Kim-Adele Platts were to write her memoirs, the title would be: 3 Divorces And A Stalker: The Journey From Hairdresser To CEO Can Be Bumpy. When she says she’s had “a colourful life apprenticeship” she isn’t kidding. Her life experiences have been nothing short of incredible.

Launch of third book – pivot and grow

20 successful international entrepreneurs share their current best-thinking, strategies and insights to pivot and grow and a sustainable, profitable entrepreneurial business especially in challenging times.

Business Blondes TV 

Four brave, diverse businesswomen, who also happen to be blonde. Are here to share the insider track on diverse business challenges through a weekly chat show. Business doesn’t have to be serious and these business brains add sassy to success and fun to fortune with their insights and top tips on nailing your vision.  Penny Power OBE, Sam Lindley, Kim-Adele Platts and Carole Ann Rice have 100+ years of specialist know-how and expertise and their mission is to celebrate and support success for all those on their own brave business journey on the road less travelled.

“Business before pleasure? Aren’t they the same thing?” is their mantra.

Launched 2nd Book Women Leading

Women Leading is an essential guide to inspire women leaders; to lead and to lead now. 18 international thought leaders share their reasons why diversity and gender equality is needed globally now. Women Leading includes career development, leadership skills, leadership development, motivation, human resources management with a focus on diversity and gender equality.

About Kim-Adele

Kim-Adele is at the leading edge of ‘Championing Human Potential’ individually & organizationally for 21st Century Board/C-Suite Level leaders. A world-renowned leadership coach, an internationally bestselling author, inspirational keynote speaker, and master coach, she couples 25 years in the corporate world, with lessons she has garnered throughout her amazing and unique life story, to help others achieve sustainable transformation for professional and personal success.

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